Track Record

Track Record SPX
Start date1/5/2016
Nbr of trades59Total perfo(pts)1334.27Avg perfo(pts)22.61
Nbr of postive trades46Total positive(pts)1517.01Avg positive(pts)32.98
Nbr of negative trades13Total negative(pts)-182.74Avg negative(pts)-14.06
% positive trades78%Avg positive/Avg negative2.3

Track Record NDX
Start date1/5/2016
Nbr of trades46Total perfo(pts)1874.49Avg perfo(pts)40.75
Nbr of postive trades34Total positive(pts)2395.62Avg positive(pts)70.46
Nbr of negative trades12Total negative(pts)-521.13Avg negative(pts)-43.43
% positive trades74%Avg positive/Avg negative1.6

Track Record ESTOXX
Start date1/5/2016
Nbr of trades1Total perfo(pts)-1.61Avg perfo(pts)-1.61
Nbr of postive trades0Total positive(pts)0.00Avg positive(pts)
Nbr of negative trades1Total negative(pts)-1.61Avg negative(pts)-1.61
% positive trades0%Avg positive/Avg negative

Track Record CAC
Start date1/5/2016
Nbr of trades152Total perfo(pts)7077.30Avg perfo(pts)46.56
Nbr of postive trades107Total positive(pts)8550.97Avg positive(pts)79.92
Nbr of negative trades45Total negative(pts)-1473.67Avg negative(pts)-32.75
% positive trades70%Avg positive/Avg negative2.4

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